Three Easy Ways You Can Personalize Your Wedding

When it comes to planning and designing your wedding we all look for ways to add our personal touch to the big day. The internet is full of inspirational photos and DIYs that make it super easy to customize your wedding details. But with so many options, it can be hard to choose just one way to make your wedding celebration scream ‘this is us!’ Here is a list of three easy ways you can personalize your day of wedding details that celebrates you and your significant other.

1. Unique signage

There are several different ways you can customize your signage to fit your wedding aesthetic while still making sure it has your personal touch. Consider using fun fonts, adding bright or seasonal colors or even using acrylic letters for various messages.

You can also personalize your signage through the messages you display. Maybe include your favorite quote, Bible verse or a welcoming message for your guests. Unique signage gives you the chance to be creative with your wedding and add little touches of you and your significant other throughout the ceremony and reception.

2. Menus and drinks

The reception menu and drinks give you a lot of room to get creative and share some of your favorite dishes with your guests. Food also gives you room to put a cultural touch on your wedding if you want to. Maybe you all have a dish you love to make together? Ask your caterer if they can create this dish to fit in your menu. Or maybe there is a dessert that you shared on your first date, include it in the dessert bar!

When it comes to choosing drinks, put a spin on them and serve your own signature cocktail. Even if you have no drink in mind, you can work with a caterer or bartender to come up with a delicious cocktail that works great with your wedding. And most importantly, don’t forget to give your drink a signature name that you all won’t forget.

3. Custom wedding favors

Take a second to think of all the wedding favors you’ve received at a wedding. There are bags with tea packets, candles, and maybe even mints. Well, we’re here to challenge you to not only customize your favors but take a step towards creativity when trying to make your favors more than just another trinket around your guests' houses.

Maybe hand sanitizers that your guests can carry on the go with your favorite quote on the bottle. Or maybe you and your significant other have a favorite candy you share -- why not include them in a personalized candy jar for your guests to try.

Start your personalized wedding journey by considering these eight questions you should ask yourself before planning your wedding. Once you find the style, season, and feel for your wedding, you’ll find that there are tons of ways that you can personalize your wedding.

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