Getting Married During COVID: Five Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 19

Let me first start by addressing the elephant in the room -- COVID-19. As much as we want to ignore it or wish it wasn’t here affecting our lives in more ways than one, you will be unable to avoid the Coronavirus conversation as you plan your wedding day. With that being said, welcome to the blog post that is here to remind you that you are not alone.

We have put together a list of five things you should consider when planning your wedding during this pandemic as a reminder you don’t have to cut corners to have the wedding of your dreams.

1. Determine your non-negotiables

Take a second to ask yourself: What details of my wedding are essential? Maybe it’s the date of your ceremony, the location, or even the vendors that you want to service your wedding. If you have details that need to be included in your special day, communicate that to your wedding planner and your vendors. Also, remember that every single detail cannot be a non-negotiable but determining them early on will help you meet your vendors in the middle.

2. Consider your guests

Once again there is something we have to address here too -- guests. If you planned to have a large wedding, you may have to cut your list in half. Remember that venues are operating with capacity limits just like other retailers and businesses, so while we’re sure they would love to have you and all your guests, they operate under guidelines. Be sure to ask venues about their guest limits to give yourself time to plan a guest list.

Also, when we say consider your guests, we do not mean at the expense of making the day about them and only them but consider some rules or details you can implement to ensure you are taking safety precautions. Do you want to do temperature checks upon entry? Or maybe you have the space to spread out seating for your guests. Also, consider custom masks for your guests or sanitizing stations throughout your venue.

3. Be Flexible

Read this over as many times as you need to when you’re planning. Regulations and guidelines change almost every day regarding the pandemic. The venue may have been able to accommodate you and 100 guests last week, but may only allow for 50 this week. Remember to breathe. If there are details that are negotiable be flexible to hearing alternative options. And you may find that some of the alternative options may be the same details that make your wedding better for you.

4. Think outside the box

Get creative! Planned to get married at a hotel venue that now has guest restrictions? Turn it into a backyard wedding or a virtual ceremony. If you can’t come up with any creative ways to host your wedding during this time, consult with a wedding planner or your venue and build up your options.

5. Hire a wedding planner

Wedding planners are professionals that specialize in managing the stress of a wedding, gathering vendors, and making your wedding dream come true. Maybe you are a couple that is unsure of what questions to ask contractors or vendors during COVID, a wedding planner can help you review your contracts and negotiate your wedding wants and needs. Or maybe you don’t even know where to start when it comes to planning a wedding during a pandemic. Consult with a wedding planner to see what services they can offer and the role they can play in executing your dream wedding.

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