Eight Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Planning Your Wedding

Updated: Mar 19

For some, your wedding may be one of the most exciting and important milestones you will face in life’s journey. While for others, the thought of having to plan a wedding is one of the scariest tasks you’ll have to face.

What are your feelings towards planning a wedding? Are you excited? Nervous? Or are you just looking for a place to start?

If no one has told you before, planning a wedding does not have to be an unbearable task. This list contains 8 questions to ask yourself before you plan your wedding.

1. How do we want our wedding to look and feel?

This may be one of the most important questions you’ll have to answer when it comes to planning your big day. The look you establish will set the tone for the arrangements, the location you choose, and even the wedding invitations you send out. One way to approach coming up with a look and feel for your dream day is to characterize your wedding. Do you want it to be elegant yet welcoming? Or maybe you want it to have a simple look with an intimate feel. Considering these early on will help you on your road to the perfect day!

2. What is a comfortable budget for you and your fiancé?

First and foremost, your wedding does not have to break the bank. Read that again.

Establishing a budget for your big day primarily depends on what you are willing to spend and what details are a MUST for you. Once you have figured out how much you are willing to spend on your wedding you can allocate costs where you see necessary.

Some common wedding costs include a venue, catering, photography, attire, entertainment, decor, and a wedding planner.

3. Should we have an outdoor or indoor wedding?

The time of the year and your desired location for the ceremony will play a big part in whether you will be able to accomplish your dream outdoor or indoor wedding. If an outdoor wedding is a must for you, consider spring, summer, and early fall for the special day. Indoor weddings, most of the time, can be held anytime during the year. Also, consider the setting and venue you choose will have a say in the cost.

4. What colors do we want for our special day?

Colors will compliment the look and feel that you want to accomplish. Consider colors that work for the season you want to wed in or even some colors that you are drawn to. It can also be helpful to ask others and consult with different color palettes to come up with colors that complement the look you want.

5. How many guests should we have?

For this question, try to think realistically. While it would be nice to have all of your friends, family, and coworkers there, take time to think about who you wouldn’t want to miss your big day versus those who you would be ‘OK’ without. The number of guests matters for three important reasons.

First, they ultimately play a role in the cost of your wedding. Think of the total cost of catering, drinks, party favors, and more; it can add up fast.

Second, the number of guests determine how intimate the ceremony may be. With fewer people, you may find it easier to engage with everyone, while larger ones may not be able to create that feel. On the other hand, the more guests you have will allow everyone to feel as if they are participating in the wedding rather than just sitting around.

And last but not least, remember the more guests you have the more responsibility you have. Your wedding day is about you and with a long list of guests that you have to accommodate for both with food, entertainment, and seating.

6. Do we really want the stress of a wedding? Or do we want to sit back and have someone else do the leg work?

Two words: Wedding Planner. They can save you the stress of having to find floral arrangements, contact caters, find a venue, and so much more. Don’t get us wrong, planning yourself can still be just as fun. But having a wedding planner will save you so much time to focus on other things that matter such as guests’ RSVPs, picking your colors, finding a wedding gown and suit. It is never too soon to schedule a meeting with a wedding planner to see what role they can play in making your dream wedding come true.

7. Do we want to have a bridal party? Or can we get away with having solely a Maid of Honor and a Best Man?

Keep in mind that there are no rules. If you are considering not including a bridal party there are plenty of other ways you can include your loved ones or those close to you in your big day. You may need a friend or two to help usher in guests or help the bride with her train; don’t feel obligated to have anyone in your wedding that you do not feel needs to be there.

8. Should kids be in attendance at the wedding?

Ideally, any bride and groom would want everyone to be able to attend, but you do have to ask yourself, do you want kids at your wedding? It is no shame to have kids at your wedding, both in attendance and in the ceremony, and establishing your preferences early on will allow you time to communicate with your guests. On the other hand, not having kids at your wedding does not make you a villain; your wedding, your choice. Communicate will your guests on your attendance expectations and standards your standards for your big day.

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